Wealth Conscious & Fabulous

I have to shout out the Financially Fabulous blogger @ myfabfico.com - her blog is definitely a tool to keep in your financial arsenal.

I love Suze Orman, Dave Ramsey and Michelle Singletary. I know first hand when you are in dire financial straits you have to cut to the bare bones the way these specialists suggest, but I live in the real world. I know especially coming from a dysfunctional money background, that by stripping yourself of every pleasureable thing to save money and get out of debt, your efforts will absolutely backfire on you, if you strip yourself of any and all things that bring a sense of happiness to you in any way. Most of us in debt are there for being overspenders and by cutting back to a no-spender type, we set ourselves up to fail by forcing ourselves into spenders jail. This is why I fell in love with myfabfico.com. In her quest for a fab credit score, she has really created a go hard or go home budget but she left room for her mani! My jaw dropped! Conventional financial experts would tell you do it at home or skip it altogether. But if you're a mom like me, you have multiple small kids at home like me, and you work outside the home and run a business at home, LIKE ME ;-) then you know that 30 minutes away from everything getting that mani/pedi is crucial to your sanity! When you look good, you feel good and you think good! So shutting off the cable, no caffeine cup boosters and eating rice & beans (Dave Ramsey suggested staple) might not be so world ending to you if you can at least look marvelous while cutting back.

Now of course she has some great resources and information on the site as well - besides her complete support for manicures - so definitely check the site out.

Manicures may not be your guilty pleasure, maybe its cable, coffee, restaurants. Whatever it is, my suggestion, find a way to curb it not completely eliminate it, at least until you're well on your way to being comfortable with your budget and lifestyle cuts so much so you don't feel the world is ending.