7 Ah-Ha Moments after Weight-Loss Surgery

I am seven months post-op!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay-Yeah to me!!!!!!!!!!!
So because I'm seven months post-op and my favorite number is seven because I was born in the seventh month *smile* I'm sharing 7 things that really freaked me out, pissed me off or are just things to deal with after having weight loss surgery. In my case RNY Gastric Bypass.

  1. I was huge, fat, immense, big as h..... well you get the point and I'm angry no one sat me down and tried to tell me that maybe I was just a little unhealthy. It made me question if my loved ones would have intervened if I was substance addicted? Or is everyone trying to be so politically correct and polite to the detriment of the people you love?
  2. Please please please always and forever remember that weight loss like everything else is a mental inside job, yes even after WLS! If you do not remove the cause of your overeating and learn new ways to cope with stress besides eating you could kill yourself. Sorry to be harsh but I've been there and it ain't pretty. Another post another time.....****smile***
  3. You'll probably hear everyone say this but its worth repeating anyway because it will save you a ton of money! Do not buy specialty food, shakes and potions to be "prepared" after surgery.  Your taste buds along with your internal  and external makeup will change. What you can tolerate now is absolutely no guarantee you will tolerate later and if you're like me, tolerating would of been nice. Most of the stuff I bought flat out made me sick, I could tolerate it to get it down but the new stomach was having no parts so it came right back up. So get tons of samples and keep the money for later when you have to trial and error your way to what works. 
  4. Do not buy smaller clothes or a bunch of "goal" outfits to wear after surgery. Don't pressure yourself to fit this magical outfit because while you may lose fast and furious, you could also do just the opposite and lose slow and steady just without the regain. Just like the scale can be torturous, so too can that goal outfit. Also because you are loosing and developing this new body, parts start to shift and fade and droop and drop, so dump the extra pressure. Just feel good and revel in all the times you will go shopping and each time the sizes get smaller and smaller. Hmmmm its an amazing feeling of euphoria I promise!
  5. This may seem silly but Google is your friend! I had my nutritionist's guidelines for protein, water, fat etc and all the blah blah food suggestions but I hated my own cooking. Didn't have anyone to cook for me and I get really weird cravings so I found myself eating take out or at friends a lot. And I didn't have a clue if something was safe, borderline or a no-go, so I googled it. Everything I ate before I ate it I googled and it saved me many many times and also prepared me for after effects when I decided to be a dare-devil. 
  6. Your feet lose weight to! I didn't know that. I've never experienced swollen feet or anything like that even while pregnant so I just figured I had big feet. But I've actually went down a full size in shoes.
  7. Make it a regular practice to love every inch and every hair on every part of you!!! You should do that anyway but I had to throw it in for good measure.