My Weight Loss Journey and Why GBP!!!

While not always "fat", I've always been just a little heavier than I should have been since I was about 12 years old. That coupled with a dysfunctional home life, to put it mildly, and low self esteem, I ate my way into oblivion. Like a lot of people, I spent years trying different diet pills, the latest greatest fad diets and over exercising myself, trying to loose the weight. The story was the same, some things would give me temporary success, while others I just never managed to finish and some just didn't work at all. Along with the time wasted, also came the thousands of dollars spent.

I first started considering weight loss surgery in 2005 a few months before my wedding.I had been advised by my doctor that my infertility was probably a result of my excessive weight. I was at my highest weight I've ever acknowledged, 265 pounds. I say acknowledged because I stopped weighing myself and I refused the scale even at the doctor's office whenever possible. I decided to back burner my weight loss efforts until after the wedding when it wasn't so crazy. As life would have it however, I ended up pregnant 6 weeks after I got married and for the next 5 years I had a baby every year.....and yes I was still at a weight considered morbidly obese! So much for weight being the cause of infertility, HA!!

Fast forward to today, 4 children, 245 pounds and sick and tired of being sick and tired, I decided permanent changes had to be made before I ate myself to death. I started my weight loss surgery research again. I was focused on the lap band but had started to hear more and more about gastric bypass. Because I suffered from diabetes and sleep apnea I later learned, RNY was looking like the most effective option for me. I did what most people in search for answers do.....I Googled :-).......I YouTubed.....I hit every search engine and social media platform I could think of, gathered tons of information and then went to my doctor for help.....LOL! I never got my hopes up because I had heard so many horror stories about the doctor's discouraging, the insurance comapny's denying, just every possible negative imaginable. And to my surprise my experience was absolutley nothing horrid at all. I went to Barix Clinics in Langhorne PA which was 10 minutes from home. Met with the best surgeon ever Dr. Neil Marymor, (really he is the best award winner and all)! From the day of my first consultation, the coordinators and other staff were excellent. Even my insurance which I thought was mediocre at best and I believed would be a hassle, was right on board. They approved my surgery within 2 weeks of my paperwork being submitted and on the first submission. The rest is history as they say. The entire process from my first consult to day of surgery was about 5 months and most of that time was spent waiting for a sleep study appointment. Exactly 29 days after my 33rd birthday my life was altered for ever. Everyone asked if I was scared or nervous about what could happen and in all homesty, my family was more nervous than I was. I had resolved to the fact that being morbidly obese for the rest of my life was more of a guarantee of my life being cut short then the possible side effects gastric bypass.

Now, six months post-op, I am feeling absolutely amazeballs!!!!!! I would be lying if I said this process makes losing weight a cake walk but it has definitely saved my life and forced me to be accountable to myself. Do I think I could have lost the weight by myself? In all honesty I am not sure. Call it having a defeatist attitude if you want but weight loss and weight maintenance is not easy peasy for everyone. Despite the challenges I had with the surgery, I'll discuss later, I would do it all over again.