Very Scary Hairy Situation

I hate loathe my hair! Four of the last 7 years my hair has been growing and healthy and alright by me with little to no effort. Then life hit my hair in the face! Stress, poor diet, weather, poor/no maintenance and then a major change in my body's physical makeup has left my hair fighting for its life. My skin too, but that's another post for another time. I have tried lotions, potions, pills and every oil under the sun. I even started the natural hair journey trend by force because I could not stand to see another clump of hair in the sink. In the quest to save my tresses I have found some wonderful online communities like black girl long hair and relaxed hair health. I have also decided to try the hairfinity vitamins as part of my supplement routine. I've been following some of the celebrity success stories and youtube posters that have tried the product and I think I'm convinced it could help. At this point what have I got to loose? Because I am a weight loss surgery patient my diet has changed drastically and has become way healthier than previous but at the same time it is also part of the reason my hair has fallen out.  So I'm eating healthier and kicked some of my stress factors to the curb! Now I want my hair back! Check back often to see my journey back to pretty hair!