Influenster Product Review: Red Rose Real Tea

Disclaimer: I received this product courtesy of the Influenster UniVoxBox.  
After my weight loss surgery I developed a strong dislike for water. Go figure since my water intake is actually supposed to increase! I also don't tolerate juices too well so iced tea has been my go-to drink. While I do pack most of my foods and drinks for the day, sometimes I do forget, run late or just plain don't feel like it. So I'm stuck scrambling for something that won't make me sick.
When it comes to drinks, RedRose Real Tea has been a lifesaver. I leave it at work in my desk because it does not require refrigeration and 1 drop gives my water just enough flavor to keep me from gagging on the dreaded taste of plain water. 2 drops gives me that refreshing iced tea taste. It's not loaded down in sugar or artificial sweeteners and leaves no after taste. So I'm not forced to die of thirst or be tempted to drink the sugar-laden vending machine options. Definitely will be a summer travel staple as well. Family gatherings, cookouts and parties rarely have RNY approved drinks, so all I need is water and my RedRose and I'm good to go!