I Love CVS Haul

If you don't know, I L O V EEEEEEE  love CVS. They're everywhere, carry just about everything, and their coupon policy is awesome! Some changes have been made over the last few years since extreme couponers, in my opinion ruined things, but none the less their policy is awesome. This weekend's haul is an example of just why I love them. Haul below.....just $25.64!

1 - 18 roll pckg Scott Toilet Paper
3 - family size boxes of cheerios
2 - value size boxes of Fruit Loops
3 pckgs of Pull-Ups
2 - 4ct Special K Protein Shakes
1 - 24pk nestle water
One of the greatest things about CVS's coupon policy is that they allow you to combine manufacturer coupons and retailer coupons on the same product on top of sale prices so you always get a great deal. I've been to other drug stores that you can use either or, you don't earn rewards for items with a coupon, etc. CVS does none of that. Your purchase still counts toward your ExtraBucks seasonal rewards, and using coupons does not affect promotions going on. With this particular haul, CVS had a gas promotion for every $30 in product you get $10 in gas. Although my coupons took my purchase well below the required amount I still received $20 in gas gift cards. So I spent $45.64 (out of pocket) - $20 gas gift card......this great haul $25.64 final cost!