MLM is really as bad as they say it is because they make it SO!

I've been involved in Network Marketing, Party Plan, MLM, whatever you choose to call it, since I was 21, about 13 years now. I started out with Avon, gave that a couple shots throughout the years. Started a business with Home & Garden Party until they went bankrupt, PartyLite, and a few other companies. Today as you may know I'm currently running a Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry business and have successfully done so since 2011. So I have some history with the industry, some good, some bad, some awesome. While the recent economic shake-up scared people into starting any business possible, some for extra income and in some cases their sole income, I believe network marketing got a bad rap, despite the fact its one of the lowest investment business models to get involved with. I'm not trying to convince you of anything about network marketing, "A man convinced against his will, is of the same opinion still", but I do want to give you a few things to ponder.

1. Most people never make $1 from their network marketing business. Guess why??? Because they never promote and market their business or they only do so to their friends and family. First off that's the fastest way to lose money and friendships! Unfortunately friends and family usually have no problems supporting your business, if they can get a DISCOUNT. I'm sorry but you will never make any money if all you do is discount your products and services. And no one will ever take your business serious, so your dead in the water already. Second, think of the company Juicy Couture. Do you think the 2 ladies that started that business sold their track suits to only their mom and co-worker? Or did they find a way to put their brand in front of celebrities, who turned the brand into a mega success? You're probably thinking, "yeah but I'll never get Madonna to buy Avon from me". While that may be true, you don't need Madonna to buy Avon from you. You just need to expose your business and opportunity to a larger audience than your neighbor and sister. The more people you are exposed to the more likely you are to be profitable.

2. You have to brand yourself and let people fall in love with you, not your products. The fact is some companies are not for everyone. You might be better at offering organizational tools than you are at promoting skincare. Often, just like any retailer, businesses cease to exist and you can no longer offer your current product. In either case you want to make sure you build relationships with people so whether you can offer Make-Up, storage boxes, or jewelry, your fans will support you. If your focus is solely on your current product and not relationship building, when that product goes away, so does your business.

3.Everybody wants to be at the highest rank of the company within 6 months of getting involved with that company. But wait, did you become the CEO of the corporation you work(ed) for in 6 months, 6 years, 6 decades? And if so, did you only sit and look at your daily task list or did you bust your chops to get the work done and make sure you stood out to upper management in hopes of becoming CEO? Network marketing is no different! You have to work to have to work hard to earn big! I kinda blame industry leaders for this misconception that Party Plan is so easy and hardly work. The truth is it's not easy, but it's no more difficult than going to work everyday with people you don't like for less money than you're worth. And it is hard work, you have to ignore the naysayers, forgive the unbelievers and excuse the rude people. Oh wait the exact same thing you have to do at work! HMMMMMMM!

Again the purpose of this post wasn't to convince any one of any thing. I've been hearing a lot of the negative backlash and just wanted to express my thoughts on the industry I'm grateful to be involved in as a means to support my family and develop my abilities.

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