Strawberry Protein Shake Breakfast

Protein is super important for everybody but even more so for weight loss surgery patients. While I'm at the point where I should be getting most of my protein from food versus protein shakes, I have many days where I just do not want to eat, forget to eat or cannot eat enough food to hit my protein intake goal. Another obstacle I encountered, is that I cannot drink pre-made protein shakes. Muscle Milk, Ensure, Boost etc. just do not agree with my stomach on most days, so I have to make my own shakes. I wanted to share a quick protein shake recipe I make to fuel my day.

Frozen Strawberries
CVS brand Vanilla Whey Protein
Unsweetened Silk Vanilla Almond Milk
Spring Water
Perfect Food Raw (use spinach or kale instead)

I make my protein shakes in my NutriBullet a few minutes before I leave in the morning and use frozen fruit so it's nice and cold. Warning: I usually use fresh organic spinach or kale for my shakes, I had the Perfect Food Raw leftover from a cleanse I did and wanted to see if I could hide the taste in my smoothie. Unfortunately that was not possible. I couldn't stomach the taste of this stuff in juice or water and couldn't mask it in my protein shake either, so unfortunately I will not be using this again. It is super nutritious and loaded with greens but because I am limited already in what I can tolerate I will not torture myself with drinking this. So if you can stomach the taste of playground use the Perfect Food Raw, if not kale and spinach are just fine!