Top 3 Dumb Excuses I Made to Not Work~Out

Disclaimer: While this post is about the excuses I've had to destroy to get to a better me, some of the products I used to help me get rid of those excuses were provided to me to review as an Influenster. These are still my true usage opinions but I gotta tell you because the law says so. **SMILE**

1. I am tired. Unfortunately this was my number one excuse to not workout. Even though I always felt more energized and refreshed after exercising, I still would never just get up and go. I've hung pictures of the body I want all over so every time I start thinking "I'm too Tired", there's a visual of my true goal and I'm persuaded to just do it!

2. I have my period. Yup, I truly convinced myself having my monthly and exercising was absolutely forbidden. Eating a bag of chocolate kisses was okay but the treadmill was out of the question. Even after I had weight loss surgery I used this ridiculous excuse a few times. One of my biggest pet peeves was using uncomfortable feminine products. I received Playtex Sport Fresh Balance tampons as one of the #GoVoxBox participants and I must say they are way comfortable and I've had no embarrassing leakage. Hitting the gym during that time of the month, no longer an issue!

3. I gained weight! Yes the absolute most foolish reason I skipped a workout. I had a slight obsession with the scale. I would workout, weigh myself, eat weigh myself, shower weigh myself. I mean I would literally weigh myself after every single move I made. If I worked out and when I stepped on the scale weighed more than 2 hours ago, I'd use that as an excuse not to do a night workout. Never mind I may have eaten something, I was just so against myself that I'd give up. So now I weigh myself once maybe twice a week and call it a day. I take the battery out of the scale so even if I'm tempted, all the extra work will prevent me from weighing myself way too much.

What's the weirdest excuse you've had to not workout? Have you overcome it? How?