They said.....but God showed up and showed out!!! My back to school testimony.

While I know the title may throw some off, I really can not sugarcoat it or express my gratitude happiness belief in any other way. I'll start by saying my oldest son is going to the 2nd grade! Woo-Hoo!!! I know you're probably thinking "no big deal" right but now let me tell you what I struggled with his entire first grade year. My kids all attend a private Christian school. I live in a great area with a good school district but from pre-school there has always been a development issue with my son. So since public schools are notorious for large class sizes and pushing kids through, I opted out of public school. The teachers constantly told me of some issue they believed he faced. Sweetest most pleasant kid (until he gets frustrated) but a bit behind the standard. When he entered Kindergarten he started working with a specialist and his quickly agitated frustration and his disinterest in traditional learning was always cause for concern. He did manage to pass to first grade but still with a specialist. Mid school year, at conference, the specialist advised my baby was so far behind "the norm" there is no way he would catch up to progress to 2nd grade and diagnosed him as dyslexic. I found later its pretty much he is more of a doer then a reader and he freaks out like mad if he knows or thinks he's being tested (not really sure how that's going to work when he takes the SAT's). Being the worry wart negative thinker I can resort to at times, I felt defeated immediately. I was ready to give up, resort to public school and just accept my kid was different. Pathetic right?! Thankfully my common sense kicked in shortly after and I began to pursue every avenue, book, tutor and program possible. I did, read and listened to everything I could think of to possibly help my child. Then I gave up, well not really, I let go. I prayed everyday, all day, every time he read a book, took a test, anything. And I refused to accept that my son could be anything less than amazing. It may sound hoakie but I also made his succeeding one of my daily goals and every day I wrote and spoke into existence his passing to the second grade at his current school. And that kid up there to the right is officially my 2nd grader! Zach I'm so proud of you and please don't ever give up on you no matter what any one says, with all the love in the Universe, Mommy loves you!