Influenster VitaVoxBox Review

This was an exciting box to receive. All of the items were very relevant to my life adventures right now. Skincare, make-up, fitness and drinks besides water that don't make me puke.

I'm not sure if all of the boxes had unsweetened Pure Leaf iced tea, but I felt very special that mine did. As a gastric bypass patient, I'm limited to 4 grams of sugar in my foods & drinks so pretty much all my drinks need to be unsweetened. I like that artificial sweeteners were left out as well, since they usually aggravate my stomach as well. The tea awesome and another one to add to my arsenal for days when water is just not what I want!
I've been experimenting with makeup lately, particularly lip color. Let's just say the SoftLips Cube was heaven for my lips. One of the things I've learned on my makeup journey is to moisturize lips before lip color application. For me this has helped keep my lips from drying out and also kept the color from staining my lips really bad. Thank you SoftLips for lip heaven in a cube!

This little face gem in a bottle has also been very kind to my skin during these changing times. My whole exploration into makeup came about because of my developing of adult acne and the discoloration and damage done to my skin as a teen. However when you start piling crap on your face to cover up the crap on your face you end up with even crappier skin! WHO KNEW?! Incorporating Flawless Future by Elizabeth Arden, into my skincare regimen was effortless. The packaging promotes this serum reinforces the skin's moisture barrier, evens skin tone, and reduces the appearance of the early signs of wrinkles. All of the above needed over here! 
Besides exercise, my life is pretty hectic and fast paced everyday. I cannot find it in me to like coffee and most energy drinks are a no go on my stomach, either because of the sugar or the carbonation. So the BikiniReady energy gummies were definitely welcomed. They actually do taste great and gave a nice energy rush without a crash later. 
Unfortunately this trip to the nail salon left my cuticles a little bruised and then I got a paper cut going through my magazines. OUCH!!! I figured if First Degree burn cream is designed to heal major burn ouchies then these would be a breeze. And I was right! Immediately took the sting and pain from both my cuticle and the area of the paper cut, with just 1 small amount applied once. Definitely love this stuff and my kids knees will be happy too!

Thank you Influenster for selecting me for the VitaVoxBox. All items were received complimentary of Influenster but all of the opinions are mines after actually using the products.