Committed ~ 2015 Word of the Year

In 2014 I stopped making resolutions so to speak, and selected a word that described what I wanted to accomplish throughout the year in totality. Last year that word was execution and boy did I annihilate some shit! Some things to my detriment, including almost taking myself out, but I also accomplished a great deal and learned a tremendous amount of things about myself as well. I destroyed some long held fears and misconceptions and discovered others I never imagined could exist in me.

2015's word.................COMMITMENT

One of the biggest things I learned about myself is that I generally do great things when I stick to them. From work to creative projects to business deals to heart matters. When I'm all in things just work out. So I've got huge goals that I want and some I need to accomplish that will take a full on whole me commitment. The first of which is making a commitment to myself to say no to any and everything that does not serve my betterment. I can only be fully committed to my agenda if I eliminate distractions, chaos, confusion and nonsense that serve more as a pull away from my focus, than it is a stepping stone to my accomplishments. 

So I am first committed to following God's direction and then committed to saying yes to myself by saying no to everything not in support of me. I am committed to giving my full on attention to those things I say yes to so that I can make them great.

I am committed.....what's your "Word of the Year"?

Be Amazing on Purpose
Hugs & Kisses