I Wake Up Like This ~ My Morning Routine for A MochaFab Day

For 2015, I've vowed to consciously make every day a great day. No I'm not silly enough to think that at some point there will be some not so exceptional days but my goal is to make those far and few between. And when they do happen, my goal is to find the beauty in the crazy anyway. One of the ways I intend to accomplish this is by having a non-negotiable morning ritual. I have one that I teeter totter on, but its now non-negotiable and has to be done! I've found the days I stick to my routine go way smoother than those when I don't, even if nothing dramatic happens, I'm just in a better mood overall when I execute my morning routine. So here goes...................

1. When the alarm goes off.............GET UP!!! No more snooze button. So not only will I be on time in the morning, but I'll also force myself to bed at night, therefore getting more sleep. Regardless of the hype around not sleeping, that's bulls*** you need rest to be your best.

2. Prayer and meditation. I need to take my care & worry to God, and listen for His direction. This honestly is the most important part of the morning routine because it centers me and sets the tone for my entire day.

3. Journaling. I have A LOT going on in my brain and writing is the only way I can get some mental relief. It also makes for great blog topics to be birthed!

4. Butt & Gut workout! No explanation necessary. Gotta keep the body tight and right!

Here's to an amazing New Year of awesomesauce days!

Be Amazing on Purpose
Hugs & Kisses